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Making a Long Handled Grabber from Telescopic Pole Pruner

ToolsPosted by Dennis Hopkins Thu, March 31, 2016 09:27PM
I needed to grab some litter out of a pond, and for a cheap solution I adapted a low cost telescopic pole pruner to do the job (click photo for a bigger image). It's quite heavy when fully extended, fitting a shoulder harness may help with handling.

There is no permanent modification to this pruner, I just removed and replaced two nuts (1 and 2 in photo), so it can be easily reverted to normal use. For this conversion I used some old metal bits I had saved - a (rusty) metal "T" bracket (A), with holes enlarged and fixed to the existing pruner nut/bolt (1). A section was cut off the T bracket which formed a jaw of the grabber (A2). I used a strip of metal (B) to hold part (A) in place with existing pruner nut/bolt (2), and additional nut/bolt (3).
Note: here the pruner blade is still in place and may cut grabbed objects

I also fixed a piece of strong wire (C) with a hooked end to the pruner using duct tape. So litter etc. can be held in 3 ways: 1:with this wire, 2: the "grabber" jaw, and 3: between the cord and the pruner mechanism. With a little more thought I'm sure the design could be improved, for example to shield the blade - otherwise grabbing electric cables, fish etc. not recommended!