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Mid May Sightings

WildlifePosted by Dennis Hopkins Sun, May 19, 2019 09:40PM

A couple of welcome recent sightings in Torfaen, south east Wales:

Firstly a Green Hairstreak butterfly, difficult to see when static, on bilberry in this case. The only UK butterfly with green colouration (on underside of wings), mainly dark brown on top of wings. This one has some wear to the scales.

I was alerted by snorting noises near a garden shed which turned out to be two hedgehogs having a "stand-off", possible arguing over hunting rights under the shed floor!

A fair sized, young Elm tree, not sure of the exact species, but I guess it's around 35 feet (10m) tall.

... and nearby male and female Brimstone butterflies, may be a courtship ...
Please click for video (low resolution)