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Please send me an email if you wish to leave a comment. My website includes sections on the environment, green woodworking and some industrial history photos from Gwent, UK.

Website Changes

WebsitePosted by Dennis Sun, November 20, 2011 10:52PM
Hello Viewers,

I've changed my web hosting provider - the new one ( includes a 'blog' - so here's a start. I haven't changed the web content much, but the environment quiz had to go for now (for you techies: I need to convert it from ASP VBscript which isn't supported on the server).

Over the last few years the most popular pages seem to be the Environmental Sustainability graph, Old Industrial Sites in Torfaen, and more recently Green Woodworking tops the bill. These pages have most hits, but I don't know if anyone finds them interesting or helpful, hope so ....

Update 1 March 2016
After 4 years I'm happy with web hosting (under £25 pa with domain). The company has a special offer of £5 bonus for new customers, as well as free 1st year hosting - click here for details.